In Ethiopia, five districts from four regional states were selected for this survey. These included Amibara and Dubti districts from the Afar region, Zeway-Dugda district from the Oromia region, Kewet (Shoa robit) district from the Amhara region, and Raya-Alameta district from the Tigray region.

South Sudan

For South Sudan, five states were selected for conducting baseline socio-economic survey. The selected states include: Jubiek, Jongule, Aweil, Nayamurnang, and East Nile state. These locations were selected after consul- tation with the representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, research organizations and research scientists. For each selected state there are number of sites as listed below:

  1. Jubeik State (Juba) - Juba, Luri, and  Rajaf
  2. Jongule state (Bor) - Bor town, Panliet and Cuei  Nyok)
  3. Aweil State (Aweil) - Nyalith, Awulic, Rice Scheme Nogwe, and  Kuom
  4. Namurnang state (Kapoeta) - Kapoeta, Katico, Lomilmil and   Kotomo
  5. East Nile state (Renk) - Renk, Rumeila, Mangara, Khor Ajais, Abu Khadra and Feyuer