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Population and multilocus isozyme structures in a barley landrace

Isozyme data were used to assess genetic diversity within and among a subdivided population of the salt-tolerant Batini barley landrace. Population diversity and its components were esti- mated on the basis of 12 isozymes scored on 450 single plants representing seven subpopu- lations. Two principal components, based on mean gene diversity, Shannon’s diversity index, percentage polymorphic loci, genetic identity and genetic distance among subpopu- lations accounted for 91.7% of total variation and separated the subpopulations into four dis- tinct groups. Contributions to total diversity by individual subpopulations were partitioned into intra- and inter-population components. The level of population differentiation indicates that a large percentage of total genetic diversity was apportioned within subpopulations. The pre- sence of valuable genetic diversity in this landrace was confirmed.

A. A. Jaradat, M. Shahid
Publication type: 
Scientific Paper
Publication Source: 
Plant Genetic Resources
Page Number: 
ISSN 1479-2621