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ICBA, HSBC Bank, Egyptian research institute share excellence award for food security project

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Research Institute for a Sustainable Environment’s (RISE) Food for the Future is a regional food security project that is being implemented in both the UAE and Egypt. The project is implemented on several components: sustainable farming, solar chicken incubators, rooftop garden, economic empowerment for women in rural area and rehabilitation of lands.

The project demonstrated and assessed the feasibility and effectiveness of integrated strategies and new technologies for improving food security in both urban and rural areas in the face of population growth, water scarcity and climate change and it is working to ensure sustainable practice and technologies are made accessible and are easy to replicate by the local communities. All project locations now serve as learning hubs for the communities.

The program has economically empowered seven poor villages, enhanced livelihoods of an average of 460 families in rural communities by providing a sustainable source of income, alleviating poverty and improving food security.

Dr. Richard Tutweiler, Director of RISE, said: “We are honored to announce that RISE has won a 2018 International Business Excellence Award (IBEX) as Second Place in the Sustainability Category. The award was presented last April in Dubai. The IBEX has 27 categories with hundreds of organizations competing. RISE won the award for its Food for the Future project sponsored by HSBC and in partnership with the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA). Congratulations to the RISE and ICBA teams who designed and are implementing the project!"

Dr. Ismahane Elouafi, Director General of ICBA, said: “We are extremely happy to be recognized with the International Business Excellence Award in the Sustainability Category. We are very proud of our partnership with HSBC and RISE, of the American University in Cairo, as it is a unique winning collaboration of the private and public sectors and academia. For over 19 years, ICBA has been providing sustainable agriculture and water scarcity solutions to farmers, particularly in the marginal environments of the Middle East and North Africa region. Recognitions like this award encourage us to further excel in our mission to serve farming communities and seek more collaboration with the private sector and academia.”